Government Consultation

Hope DRC exists not only to help the DR Congo with goods and services but with consultation and strategies. We believe in providing counsel to the governing bodies to maximize and coordinate all efforts. The following is an introduction and link to our report and recommendation for providing the DR. Congo with clean water.

The current story of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a story of contradiction. There is an extreme potential for wealth, yet there isn’t the ability to sustain even the most basic of necessities. One of the most concerning basic necessities that is not widely available is clean water.

The DR Congo is Africa’s most “water-rich” country and is facing an acute drinking water supply crisis. As of 2009, the most accurate study showed that only an estimated 26% of its population has access to safe drinking water, well below the approximately 60% average for Sub-Saharan Africa. Due to the deteriorated state of its water infrastructure – undermined by years of underinvestment and conflict – and a rapidly growing population, the trend in water supply coverage was until recently in regression. Social and public health consequences of water service breakdown have been considerable. The poorest sections of society have been disproportionately impacted by the decline in service delivery and rising water costs, both in rural areas but increasingly in rapidly urbanizing cities. The inability to provide access to clean water has put a huge burden in every area of life.

Based on the most recent and most accurate estimates (2010), only around 26% people of the DRC’s population of 67.8 million – equivalent to 17.6 million people – have access to safe drinking water, well below the approximately 60% average for SubSaharan Africa. This means that almost 51 million people do not have access to clean water. Those who live in rural areas suffer the most, especially those villages of fewer than 100 persons, estimated in 1990 to comprise up to 37 per cent of the rural population.

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